1. jonghyun + his noona

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  3. 2014-04-20; To the very(!) manly Beijing prince who never forgets to express his gratitude to his fans - thank you, Luhan. Thank you for always smiling and striving to work harder, even though you have done more than enough for us. You are an inspiration to many. Happy 24th (25th) birthday, humble deer! ♥ ♔

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  5. krizelle16 asked: thanks for reposting my edit <3 /post/83152362170

    First of all, that gif was a gif that I found today on Twitter - I was searching ‘Weekly Idol’ to check if Bangtan’s Weekly Idol episode had been cancelled or not. While I was searching I found someone saying that ‘this episode of Weekly Idol changed my life’ (or something of the sort) with a link to the gif, in isolation, with no reference to your blog. I identified it as Dongwoon by sight and checked it on YouTube. I posted it to Tumblr. I don’t ‘repost’ - reposting is going to somebody’s blog, deliberately taking somebody’s content for the sole purpose of gaining followers, passing off content as your own and being manipulative. Most of my gifs came from Google Images, k-pop forums, blogs not on tumblr - blogspot etc. I post them on tumblr, onto the ‘Very Big’ theme so that people can enjoy them optimized.  I would never simply take something from someone else’s blog - I can assure you that I don’t care that much about it. However, if I think that a gifset would be better or more respectful to the artist involved, organized differently or cut, then I will reorganize it and re-upload it differently. 

    With your gif, I simply didn’t realise. Now that you’ve pointed it out to me, I’m going to delete my posting and reblog yours… This also counts as a promo for your blog - I fully recommend that everyone follow you. 

    As a footnote, it might be worthwhile remembering that just because someone edits some footage, it doesn’t mean that that footage belongs to them - copyright of the footage lies with the band, their record label and the television network. 

    Have a nice week, hope things are cleared up now :) xxxx 

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  11. aegyo: hyunseung vs. junhyung 

  12. beast x sexy dance x weekly idol