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  3. "whenever hakyeon feels tired as a leader and has something he can’t talk to anyone else about, he’ll talk to me."

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  4. mark’s special dance he “learned” from jokwon

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    jokwon for priscilla 

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    cuties lee chanhee and kim rockhyun

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    [GIF] TEEN TOP Rising 100% [2/?]

    Chunji vs Rokhyun

    cr : foreverfany

    INFO all about Teen Top Rising 100% eps 5

    [GIF] Teen Top Rising 100% [1/?]

    [GIF] Teen Top Rising 100% [2/?]

    [GIF] Teen Top Rising 100% [3/?]

    [GIF] Teen Top Rising 100% [4/?]

    [GIF] Teen Top Rising 100% [5/?]

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    because yoongi and hoseok are such cuties ~

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    v and j-hope in their natural dorky habitat (‐^▽^‐)

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  11. jackson put a flower in sungjae’s cap

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  12. "Hyung’s frustration wasn’t due to being unable to speak Korean; when we first met, we didn’t have any issues understanding each other.

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  13. eunkwang was making fun of the way hyunsik speaks so hyunsik...

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  14. even if he hides it, ilhoon twinkles (/・・)ノ.:*・°☆

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  15. birdkwang stole ilhoon’s crisp ⊙▽⊙

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